Annual Report 2015


Business model

Business model of PJSC IDGC of the North-West is based on the rendering of its core services to consumers: transmission of electricity and grid connection.

Supporting processes ensure reliable and high quality performance of core operations. Effectiveness of the business model in general and some of its parts is assessed through key performance indicators (KPIs).

Business model
Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Annual indicators
1 Profitability of the shareholders' investments (TSR, Тotal Shareholder Return)
2 Return on invested capital (ROIC)
3 Reduction of unit operating expenses
4 Losses of electricity
5 Achievement of a reliability level for rendered services
6 Reduction of unit investment costs
7 Compliance with the electrical facilities commissioning schedule
8 Compliance with time limits for grid connection
9 Labor productivity
Quarterly indicators
10 Absence of increase in the number of major accidents
11 Prevention of increase in the number of injured persons in accidents
12 Financial stability – Financial leverage coefficient