Annual Report 2015


Key events of the year


In regions where PJSC IDGC of the North-West operates, commissions for monitoring payment discipline in respect of the electricity supplied and electricity transmission services were established. The idea to create these commissions suggested by Oleg Budargin, General Director of  PJSC ROSSETI was supported by all heads of regions where the Company operates.


PJSC IDGC of the North-West which performed the functions of supplier of last resort (SLR) in Murmansk Oblast from March 01, 2013, delegated the SLR status to JSC AtomEnergoSbyt from February 01, 2015.


4 months after the official launch, the new website of PJSC IDGC of the North-West won the first prize at the Best Corporate Media-2015 competition held by Russian Association of Communication Directors and Corporate Publishing.


The Investment Programme for 2015 was adjusted to increase funding for energy system reliability improvement activities. The total volume of funding in 2015 amounted to RUB 4.7 billion.


Unique operations were performed – wires of the Brevennik 1–2 overhead line over the Severnaya Dvina tributary were lowered to enable the training sailing ship Mir and the legendary sailing-ship Kruzenshtern to enter the port of Arkhangelsk.


Dedicated web portal for additional services to consumers of PJSC IDGC of the North-West was launched. Information about the turnkey grid connection option or the cost of relocation of grid facilities beyond the land boundary is available online.


Funding for special-purpose machines and vehicles procurement increased two-fold. In 2015, PJSC IDGC of the North-West purchased 235 pieces of machinery. To this effect, RUB 315 million was included into the Investment Programme, as compared to RUB 145 million a year earlier.


Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation approved the draft Investment Programme of PJSC IDGC of the North-West for 2016-2020. The amount of funding will be RUB 26.4 billion. The official website and the corporate newspaper of PJSC IDGC of the North-West were awarded at the Silver Threads 2015 national corporate media competition. The unified portal of the energy company won the Grand Prize in its category.


Events after the reporting date

January 2016

The road map for the transition of electricity transmission consumers to direct payments was launched. The project is to reduce the debt burden of counterparties to the grid company.