Annual Report 2015


Electricity transmission

The main Company’s activity is provision of electricity transmission services.

The actual electricity losses in the power grids of PJSC IDGC of the North-West was 2,520 million kWh or 6.38% of the grid output. Compared to the corresponding period of 2014, with the reduction of output to grids by 0.6%, the reduction of electricity losses was 27 million kWh or 0.03 percentage points.

As of year-end 2015, the output of electricity from the PJSC IDGC of the North-West’s grid to consumers and related LGOs within the boundaries of balance sheet and operational responsibility was 36,955 million kWh, which is, if compared to 2014 numbers (37,168 million kWh), 213 million kWh or 0.6% less than in 2014.

The main reasons for that are as follow:

  • The cancellation of consumption by JSC NAS SUAL due to the repurchase of generating assets by SUAL;
  • Decline in electricity consumption in Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic.
Structure of electricity supply from the Company’s grids in 2015 by consumer groups