Annual Report 2015


Repair and maintenance activities

PJSC IDGC of the North-West operates 175,030.9 km of overhead power transmission lines; 8,140 km of cable power transmission lines; 1,172 substations rated 35 kV and above with installed capacity of power transformers of 19,031 MVA.

The Repair and Maintenance Programme is prepared taking into account the optimal utilisation of the own labour resources, the qualitative and quantitative potential capacity of contractors based on the following:

  • Analysis of accident rate at power grid facilities in previous periods;
  • Technical condition of electrical grids, as determined by diagnostics in accordance with multi-year schedules;
  • Requirements of state and departmental supervisory authorities;
  • Measures developed in accordance with accident investigation reports;
  • Target programme activities, including programmes for power line corridor clearing and enlarging;
  • Results of the work of Commissions on checking the Company’s readiness to operate during autumn-winter period;
  • Provisions of the Federal Law No. 256-FZ ’On safety of fuel and energy complex facilities’ dated July 21, 2011.

Physical indicators of the 2015 Repair and Maintenance Programme were performed in full with target values of certain indicators overachieved. The overachievement of targets resulted from cost savings realized by using competitive procedures in awarding contracts, the use of materials from inventory for repairs using own resources (at procurement prices from the previous periods), and performance of emergency and repair work.

In accordance with the Company’s business plan for 2015, the amount of the 2015 Repair and Maintenance Programme was RUB 1,774.6 million. The actual implementation of the 2015 Repair and Maintenance Programme was RUB 1,795.1 million.

Total costs of repair and maintenance programmes in 2011-2015 were RUB 8,442.6 million; the use of repair and maintenance funds was full every year.

Repair and Maintenance Programme, RUB million
Repair and Maintenance Programme,  RUB million
Achievement of the key physical indicators of the repair plan
Indicator Unit of meas. 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 % performed
Repair of overhead lines 35-150 kV km 2,232.6 1,982.4 2,366.1 2,281.8 2,074.3 103
Repair of grids 0.4-20 kV km 5,624.0 6,888.8 8,000.1 7,755.3 7,865.5 106
Capital repair of transformers 35-220 kV pcs. 40 17 22 18 20 118
Integrated repair of substations 35-220 kV pcs. 46 85 64 32 55 100
Clearing of corridors for overhead lines 35-150 kV ha 7,632.8 7,801.1 8,655.1 11,022.1 9,539.7 106
Clearing of corridors for overhead lines 6-20 kV ha 6,361.2 6,841.4 8,554.1 8,167.9 8,378.0 112