Annual Report 2015


Reducing the electricity losses

The actual electricity loss in the power grids of PJSC IDGC of the North-West was 2,520.06 million kWh or 6.38% of the output to the grid. Compared to the corresponding period of 2014, with the reduction of output to grids by 0.6%, the reduction of electricity losses was 27.03 million kWh or 0.07 of the electricity output to the grid. The comparative index reduced by 0.03 percentage points. Within the priority area, PJSC IDGC of the North-West implements the package of measures aimed at optimising (reducing) the level of losses.

In 2015, pursuant to the Electricity Metering Systems Prospective Development Programme, 6,006 metering points were upgraded and remote data collection from 6,759 metering points was organised in the retail market. The cost of measures was RUB 68,598 million. Implementation of measures under the Programme allowed us to obtain the effect of reducing electricity losses in 2015 by 8,420 thousand kWh, which is 3,862 thousand kWh lower than the target effect (68% of the target figure 12,282 thousand kWh).

The effect of the Programme achieved in 2015 — RUB 23,260 thousand, which is RUB 3,401 thousand lower than the target effect (87% of the target figure RUB 26,661 thousand). The main reasons for deviations from the target values in 2015 are associated with the lack of offers (competitive bids) and the recognition of trade and procurement procedures for the implementation of measures aimed at organising the electricity metering under energy service agreement as invalid.

The effect of the implementation of investment activities within the Programme is related to a reduction in losses by increasing accuracy of metering devices, a prompt detection of theft and undercount of electricity, and an increase in the volume of electricity transmitted due to simultaneous readout.

The purpose of investment activities within the Programme is to achieve the economic effect by reducing electricity losses through reliable and timely receipt of the electricity consumed data, eliminate the risk of unregistered utilisation, and reduce the costs of formation of the volume of services rendered during the electricity transmission.

Implementation of the Electricity Metering Systems Prospective Development Programme is classified as capital-intensive activity, with a forecast simple payback period of 6.9 years, net present value of the investment portion of the Programme greater than zero, internal rate of return of over 12%, profitability index greater than 1, payback period with discount not exceeding the lifetime of investment projects for the development of automated metering stations (10 years), that is, the performance of the Programme activities is expedient in economic terms and efficient.

Annual effect of losses reduction through the measures taken
Annual effect of loss reduction through the measures taken