Annual Report 2015


Operational and technological management

Operational and technological management (hereinafter — OTM) is a set of actions to manage electrical modes and operating conditions of power grid facilities taken by the relevant OTM departments of PJSC IDGC of the North-West.

The main objectives of operational and technological management of power grid facilities are the following:

  • To ensure power supply reliability and quality of electricity in accordance with the regulatory requirements, technical regulations and terms of contracts for electricity transmission services;
  • To ensure proper quality and operational safety of power grid facilities;
  • To ensure efficient transmission of electricity through power grids with minimal technical losses.

OTM within the Company is effected through the performance of operating and non-operating functions. Operating functions are aimed directly at modifying electrical modes and operating condition of power grid facilities, while non-operating functions include planning repairs, working on operational dispatch applications, development of operational documentation, organisation of work with the personnel, investigation of accidents, ensuring of safe performance of works on overhead power lines, in substations, etc.

The OTM activities in PJSC IDGC of the North-West are performed by the following divisions:

  • The Operational, Technological and Situational Management Department (hereinafter — the OTSM department);
  • 7 Grid Operations Centres (GOC) of the branches, 27 Operational and Dispatching Services of operations units of the Company’s branches;
  • 134 ODG REG.

During the reporting period, the OTSM department performed, inter alia, the following activities:

  • The work of commissions for enhancement of operational functions of GOC in Vologdaenergo, Kolenergo, Komienergo, Novgorodenergo branches is organised and carried out (during the reporting period, 29 overhead power transmission lines 110-150 kV were accepted for operation, and 29 overhead power transmission lines 110-150 kV were accepted for supervision).
  • For the purposes of optimisation of the OTM system in the Company’s power grid facilities:
    • Target models of the OTM system for Arkhenergo, Vologdaenergo, Komienergo, Novgorod, Pskovenergo branches of the Company were approved in the prescribed manner;
    • An additional comprehensive analysis of possible options for the target models of the OTM system in Karelenergo and Kolenergo branches was provided;
    • A commission to review the target models of the OTM system for power grid complex of the Company’s branches was created; its working results included the finalisation of the target models of the OTM system in Karelenergo, Kolenergo, Novgorodenergo branches and of the draft schedules of activities to bring the OTM system in Arkhenergo, Komienergo, Pskovenergo branches in line with the target model.
  • The Power Grid Bottlenecks Removal Programme was updated, as well as the Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment Upgrading Programme.
  • Switch in the control room of the Operational and Situational centre held in the executive office of PJSC IDGC of the North-West was upgraded.

For 2016, it is planned to further expand the GOC operating functions of Vologdaenergo, Kolenergo, Novgorod branches, and same of the Pskovenergo branch.