Annual Report 2015


Grid connection tariffs

Information about grid connection tariffs and services is disclosed on the Company’s official website in the section ’Standards of Information Disclosure by Electricity Wholesale and Retail Market Entities. Grid organisation’.

The main changes in 2015 as relates to the setting of grid connection fee: Federal Law No 83-FZ dated April 20, 2014 provided for changes in the article 23.2 of Federal Law No 35-FZ ’On the Electric Power Industry’.

In 2015, the set tariffs enabled the Company to receive revenue for grid connection services in the amount of RUB 804 million.

Changes in the average size of the rate S1 were based on the aggregate rate approved by the state regulation authorities for the grid connection organisational measures. The main reason for changing the standardised tariff rate S1 for organisational and technical measures is the increase in the consumer price index.

The availability of standardised grid connection rates has reduced the volume of contracts based on individual payment fees. The number of applicants who have entered into individual rate contracts amounted to 114 in the Company in 2015. The proportion of such contracts in the branches ranges from 0% to 1%, with the exception of Kolenergo branch, in which individual projects have been the basis for 6% of grid connection contracts.

The amount of grid connection fees under current contracts was RUB 20.5 million (net of VAT). The capital investment in 2015 for grid connection of the ’privileged’ load customers’ facilities was RUB 710.5 million.

Monitoring of current privileged grid connection contracts of up to 15kW in 2015, RUB million
The total cost of current contracts up to 15 kW The cost of implementation of activities under grid connection contracts of up to 15kW, as recorded in IP Actual costs included in the IP
20.5 713.4 710.5
The volume of grid connection contractsas of December 31, 2015