Annual Report 2015


Electricity transmission tariffs

Tariffs for the electric energy transmission services for 2015 at all branches of PJSC IDGC of the North-West were approved based on fixed long-term parameters.

In 2015, the fixed long-term parameters were not revised. However, annual mandatory adjustment of the gross revenue requirement of the branches as stipulated by the current laws for state regulation of tariffs was implemented.

In 2015, tariffs for the services of electricity transmission varied greatly by regions where PJSC IDGC of the North-West operates. Such great difference was due to different proportions of consumers by voltage levels. Branches, at which low-voltage electric grids prevail, such as Arkhenergo, Komienergo and Pskovenergo, are characterised by high tariffs, resulting from higher costs of electric grids’ maintenance, as compared to branches, at which high-voltage electric grids prevail, such as Vologdaenergo, Kolenergo, Novgorodenergo. The biggest growth in the average tariff in 2015 was in the Karelenergo branch, resulted from the change in the ’uniform (boiler)’ tariff settlements scheme in the region. For other branches, the change in the average tariff exceeded the level set by the Forecast of Russia’s social and economic development for 2015.

Information on the average calculated tariffs for Electric Energy Transmission Services by the Company’s branches,taking into account expenses on payment for services of third-party grid organisations,
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