Annual Report 2015


The results of implementation of the Investment Programme

29.7 million kWh the effect of loss reduction from the implementation of investment projects as a whole in the Company

As from 2014, the Company started applying the ’Methodology for 30% investment cost reduction planning as compared to the level of 2012 in the course of Investment programmes preparation (adjustments) (hereinafter — the Methodology). As a result of the Methodology application, the unit investment costs decline rate in the Company in 2015 was 18.4% versus the 15% target. By 2017, it is planned to further reduce the unit investment costs to the level of 30% as compared to the level of 2012 (in rubles per physical unit (km, MVA)).

One of the priority objectives of the Company’s Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Improvement Programme (hereinafter — the Programme) which has been implemented since 2011 is the reduction of electricity losses in transmission. The Programme actions designed to achieve this objective include the implementation of investment projects with accompanying effect of electricity losses reduction.

To ensure the sustainable development of territories in the Company’s presence regions, 24 closed 35-110 kV main substations were opened in 2011-2015 as part of the Company’s Investment Programme implementation.

Despite the fact that about 70% of the annual Investment Programme is applied to the retrofitting and upgrading, depreciation of fixed assets has grown in recent years. However, the Company has developed and implemented actions to maintain the required level of reliability of the power grid complex. This is primarily achieved through a full range of diagnostic procedures using up-to-date equipment (imaging radiometers, chromatographs, etc.) and methods, as well as the determination of the required effect on the equipment. Analysis of the most typical causes of accidents is taken to design programmes to eliminate them. Thus, the implementation of programmes for clearing of native vegetation and widening of clearances under and around powerlines made it possible to reduce the number of outages caused by branches and trees falling on cables in 2015 by more than 30%. Particular attention is paid to equipping the operation with special equipment and increasing the personnel training levels, to improve the quality of repair and maintenance work and reduce the time to eliminate the damage.

The increase in the reliability of a power supply in the reporting year was made possible in the result of successful implementation of repair and investment programmes in 2015, the effective power system disturbances analysis and identification of their causes, and coordinated actions of the personnel engaged in emergency and repair work. Based on data received and according to the power system disturbances analysis, the production programmes are adjusted, and resources needed to eliminate the problem elements of the Company’s power grid are relocated.

For PJSC IDGC of the North-West as a whole, during the reporting year in the grid of 6 kV and above, the following was achieved:

  • The rate of accidents was reduced by 31%;
  • The duration of power supply interruptions was reduced by 6%;
  • Undersupply of electricity to consumers as a result of power system disturbances was reduced by 38.3%;
  • The economic loss from power system disturbances was reduced by 12.5%.