Annual Report 2015


University relations

The Company interacts with key higher and secondary vocational educational institutions regarding research cooperation, internships for students majoring in energy-related fields, placing the Company managers as mentors and research leaders for students and on examination boards.

Given the priority of education for the Company employees in the regions where the Company’s branches are situated, regular cooperation with universities and colleges was in progress to train human resources and improve their qualifications under the courses specifically customized for the electric grid sector.

The Company regularly cooperates with about 40 higher, secondary, and additional vocation education institutions, including the St. Petersburg Polytechnical University, St. Petersburg State Agricultural University, Lomonosov Northern (Arctic) Federal University, Pskov Agrotechnical College, and Petersburg Energy Institute of Professional Development. The main areas of cooperation for Kolenergo Branch are internships, professional onboarding, and targeted HR training projects.

228 students Past work experience train-ings (educational,
practical, pre-graduation) at the branches

In 2015, Vologdaenergo, Komienergo, Novgorodenergo, and Pskoenergo branches organized five Student construction gangs, including 109 students studying at profession-oriented educational institutions of the Northwest region. Members of student construction gangs were engaged in civil construction at the Company’s branches and paperwork.

In 2015, cooperation agreements with colleges and universities resulted in:

  • internship of six postgraduate students and faculty staff;
  • targeted training of 77 people;
  • work experience trainings (educational, practical, pre-graduation) at the branches for 228 students;
  • employment of 16 graduates.