Annual Report 2015


Occupational health and safety costs

A total damage resulting from occupational injuries includes costs of different expert examinations, transport charges, creation of conditions for investigation committees and court judgments on previous years' accidents.

Generally, the structure of occupational health and safety costs and amounts remain stable. The reason is that occupational health and safety costs are properly budgeted. A slight increase in occupational health and safety costs in 2015 was due to special workplace labour conditions assessment of 4,516 work stations.

The total damage resulting from occupational injuries, RUB
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A slight reduction of accident prevention costs and overall workplace labour conditions improvement costs was caused by more activities completed in 2013 (equipment of meal rooms, purchase of metal lockers for special clothes, and purchase of RCS) to fulfill the workplace labour conditions improvement action plans.

Per unit occupational health and safety costs per employee, 2011–2015, RUB thousand
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Occupational health and safety costs in the Company, RUB million
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Amounts spent on occupational health and safety activities, total, including: 241.1 289.2 323.0 335.1 339.4
accident prevention 21.3 21.9 24.3 18.0 25.5
sanitary and hygiene activities aimed at preventing occupational diseases 41.3 56.0 61.8 67.5 66.8
overall improvement of workplace conditions 17.0 13.2 15.9 13.3 10.4
provision of PPE to employees 161.5 198.1 221.0 236.3 236.7