Annual Report 2015


Special workplace assessment

Special workplace assessment is performed as required by the regulations governing workplace conditions.

The results of workplace labour conditions assessment /special labour conditions assessment were used to develop Workplace labour conditions and Occupational Health and Safety Improvement Plans/Lists and responsibility was assigned.

Organizational measures were developed to mitigate exposure to industrial harms in the work place where efficient actions cannot be taken:

  • Compliance with scheduled breaks to be protected against hypothermia when working in the open air in the cold season;
  • Use of hearing personal protective equipment to mitigate harmful noise exposures;
  • Use of damping flooring and shoes to reduce overall vibration;
  • Compliance with the work and rest conditions to mitigate unfavorable impacts from working stress and hardship;
  • Use of portable lamps to create normal lighting conditions in the equipment service area.

Compensation for harmful working conditions is paid at the work places where industrial harms cannot be eliminated or mitigated (transformer oil when handling oil-filled equipment; labor intensity (coupled with harmful or hazardous industrial factors)), additional vacation days are granted, and milk (or other equivalent food) is provided.