Annual Report 2015


Occupational health and safety training

In accordance with the Employee Management Rules for Energy Companies in the Russian Federation, the Company conducts occupational health and safety trainings and information campaigns. The Occupational Health and Safety Day is celebrated in all units.

The branch divisions have occupational health and safety rooms (used for induction trainings, pre-examination trainings, education, technical courses, and occupational health and safety meetings) equipped with visual materials, video equipment, simulators for resuscitation activities, PPE samples, benches with occupational health and safety posters, and safe practices video materials. Remote districts have occupational health and safety places/boards with posted occupational health and safety information and applicable regulations and materials on the Occupational Health and Safety Days.

In order to prevent injuries and improve operating practices before autumn-winter period and spring repair campaign, the Company’s branches have special preparations: employees have additional training and briefings, practice their skills at practice grounds/with out of service equipment, and simulators.