Annual Report 2015


Psychological and physiological health of personnel

The results of actions aimed at promoting psychological and physiological health of personnel by main activity in 2015
Area Results
Medical check-ups
  • Pre-trip and pre-shift examinations of employees which resulted in suspension of 245 employees for health reasons in 2015. The main problem was high blood pressure.
  • Pre-employment medical examinations (100%).
  • Centralized periodical medical examination of employees by the common medical board chaired by an occupational therapist with visits to the Company’s structural units. In 2015, a total of 10,393 employees (100%) had periodical medical examinations as appropriate. Based on final reports of the periodical medical examination,
    • eight employees were found to be unfitted to carry out their job responsibilities;
    • 16 employees were transferred to other jobs without exposure to industrial harms;
    • 409 employees were allowed to carry out work without harms and/or hazards, including 150 employees after additional examinations.
Vaccination In order to prevent diseases of Company employees in 2015 vaccination was performed, which covered:
  • 1,114 employees: flu and ARVI vaccination;
  • 2,955: tick-borne encephalitis vaccination.

The structural units which are regionally located in viral encephalitis endemic areas have lists of jobs (professions) in place for professional risk groups subject to tick-borne encephalitis vaccination.

Training in first aid methods for new hires, methodology and practical work with resuscitators In order to fulfill the requirements outlined in the HR Management Procedure, 100% of new hires at PJSC IDGC of the North-West had first aid trainings to be skipped in rendering first aid in case of occupational accidents. Employees also receive accident-related first aid training and training in resuscitation skills using simulators. Training is conducted by properly certified employees permitted to provide first aid training to the injured in occupational accidents.
Timely replenishment, label checks, and checks of correct medical product use and first aid kits In order to fulfill Company Order no. 380 dated August 23, 2011 on the Contents of a First Aid Kit and ensure a common approach to first aid kit handling, the structural divisions have Lists of First Aid Kit Locations in place (including vehicles) and lists of persons responsible for timely replenishment, label checks and checks of correct medical products use in first aid kits. As requested by responsible persons, medical products and first aid kits are replenished on a timely basis.
Unscheduled checks of employee health during a working shift The main scope of psychological and physiological health assessment: checking current health condition of employees, welfare, provision, and use of special clothes and shoes
Participation in technical and economic studies to ensure psychological and physiological health of employees for a healthy life style, disease prevention, health maintenance and promotion In 2015, branch employees responsible for psychological and physiological health in teams had the following technical and economic trainings: Psychological and Physiological Reasons of Accidents, Prevention of Acute Respiratory Viral Diseases, First Aid Methods, Prevention of Fatigue and Tiredness, Accountability for Own Health, Telephone Negotiations with an Aggressive Client, Nature of Stress and Stress Management, etc.
Psychological and physiological support at work in 2015
Activity Purpose Surveyed employee categories, professional groups Number of employees surveyed Action by

1 – Company employees,
2 – Employees working under a civil contract,
3 – Third party.

I. Psychological and diagnostics activities
Pre-employment psychological diagnostics Identification of important professional qualities All new hires 1,527 1
Scheduled psychological diagnostics Identification of personnel in a group risk Drivers and electricians combining driver job 2,124 1
Diagnostics and personal consultations for employees, including those in the talent pool Development of important professional qualities Specialists and managers 626 1
Diagnostics of personnel based on managers' requests, also when transferred to another position Identification of individual psychological qualities Specialists, drivers 850 1
II. Psychological corrective measures (none)
Personal consultations Prevention of occupational incidents and accidents Operations, repair staff, and drivers 1,017 1
Restoration using rehabilitation equipment Correction of the physiological condition All categories 238 1
III. Psychological preventive measures
Business games and trainings Management skill development Managers, specialists, including those in talent pool, workers 945 1
Monitoring, onboarding, and psychological support, adaptation trainings for new hires and employees promoted to management or operations positions Development of recommendations for the best use of human capabilities taking into account the prospects of developing its abilities, determination of a labor satisfaction level All categories 384 1