Annual Report 2015


Personnel training and development

The share of employees taking part in training activities and the ratio of costs for employee training and payroll in the reporting year,  %
Доля работников

Professional development and qualification improvement costs amounted to RUB 54.0 million, being 0.9% of the payroll (vs 0.75% in 2014).

The number of employees educated in educational institutions was 13,009 people, or 87.9% of the average headcount (vs 7,244 people, or 47.13% of the average headcount in 2014).

A significant increase in the number of employees who had training in 2015 is due to the enactment of a number of statutory and local regulations that stipulate mandatory staff training.

Taking into account the specific nature of the Company and HR training objectives, the structure of employees covered by educational activities differs by a prevailing share of workers and operations staff.

Employees who took part in educational activities by employee category
Employees who took part in educational activities by employee category

Most employees take courses in corporate training centers: 7,046 people, or 54.2% of the employees who had training in educational institutions and 47.6% of the average headcount respectively.

Energetik Corporate Training Center in Vologda, key educational services provider for the Company, provided training for 6,005 people, or 46.2% of all employees taking off-job courses. The Company's corporate training centers in Kolenergo and Novgorodenergo Branches trained 1,041 people.