Annual Report 2015


Young talents

149 employees The young talent pool at the company

The Company has worked with young talents since 2011. The talent pool is formed to:

  • create opportunities for professional and personal development of Company’s young employees;
  • support and improve their professional and leadership development.

In 2015, the young talent pool at the Company included 149 employees.

All young talents successfully completed assessment and demonstrated high growth potential of professional and leadership competencies. Individual development plans (IDPs) were developed for new employees in the talent pool (29 people) and the employees already in the talent pool (13 people) received recommendations on amendments to their IDPs.

17 talents in Bench strength for Management Positions in Administration and Operating Divisions had the following trainings:

  • Effective use of human resources in HR management to comply with the occupational health and safety rules and improve professional competencies;
  • Relay protection and automatic equipment in substations;
  • Metrology support of the process.