Annual Report 2015


Charges for adverse environmental impact

Changes in payments for negative environmental impacts, RUB thousand

Charges for adverse environmental impacts were observed to increase in 2015 by RUB 435.93 thousand as compared to 2014 due to an increase in above-limit payments.

Above-limit payments for negative environmental impacts were caused by:

  • Exceeded air pollutant limits at Mezenskaya Diesel Power Plant (MDPP) due to nitrogen dioxide emissions being many times above the allowable limits. An increase in established emissions limits stipulates a  twenty-five-fold increase in adverse environmental charges;
  • Exceeded waste disposal limits. Changes in legislation involve difficulties with obtaining waste disposal limits. If they are not received, a five-fold adverse environmental impact fee (for waste disposal) is charged. Furthermore, developed draft waste generation standards are not approved if industrial sites have no agreements for waste disposal at the facilities included in the State Register of Waste Disposal Facilities (SRWDF).