Annual Report 2015


Share Capital

As at December 31, 2015, the authorized capital of the Company was: RUB 9,578,592,313.80 (nine billion five hundred seventy eight million five hundred ninety two thousand three hundred thirteen rubles and 80 kopecks).

Ordinary shares in the Company’s authorized capital: 100%

Details of each share category (type)
Type and category of shares Ordinary registered
Form of issue uncertificated
Authorized capital, RUB 9,578,592,313.8
Par value of one (1) security, RUB 0.10
Details of the state registration of a securities issue No. 1-01-03347-D (23.03.2005)

The Company’s charter provides for 1,076,862 (one million seventy six thousand eight hundred sixty two) authorized shares of common stock with a par value of ten (10) kopecks each totally worth at a par value RUB 107,686.10 (one hundred seven thousand six hundred eighty six rubles and 10 kopecks).

The structure of the Company’s share capital as  at 5/19/2015

Record date for the Annual General Shareholders’ Meeting taking into account nominee holders’ details.

Shareholders’ geography in the Company as at December 31, 2015
Statistics on the share capital structure
Type of shareholder December 31, 2014 December 31, 2015
Number of shareholders % of AC Number of shareholders % of AC
Owners that are individuals 12,231 5.0139 12,214 4.9656
Owners that are legal entities 121 0.301 118 0.2917
Federal property (RF, RF constituent entities) 5 0.0046 5 0.0046
Municipal property 2 0.0093 2 0.0093
Nominee holders 12 94.6712 12 94.7289
Total 12,371 100.00 12,351 100.00

Shares on the Stock Exchange

Shares of PJSC IDGC of the North-West are traded on the Russian Stock Exchange (MICEX) in the First Tier Quotation List.

The Company’s shares included by the MICEX in MICEX PWR, MICEX SC, and MOEX RegCo Index.

Platform Ticker Trading start date without listing procedure Date of the start of trading in the B Quotation List Date of the start of trading in the Second Tier a Quotation List Date when included in the First Tier Quotation List based on the listing reform
MICEX MRKZ May 29, 2008 May 24, 2011 June 06, 2014
Trends in stock prices in 2015 versus MICEX and MICEX PWRbased on average weighted price.
Динамика курса акций в 2015 году по отношению к индексам ММВБ и ММВБ Энергетики
Trends in the average weighted price and trading amounts in 2015
Динамика средневзвешенной цены и объемы торгов в 2015 году
Market specifications
Indicator UOM December 30, 2014 December 30, 2015 2015/2014 (variance), %
Average weighted price RUB 0.0254 0.0274 7.9
Capitalization RUB million 2,433.0 2,624.5 7.9
Trading amount (year to date) RUB million 158.35 88.55 –78.8
million shares 5,769.95 3,067.55 –88.1

The Russian stock market in 2015 was highly volatile and fluctuating due to geopolitical and macroeconomic challenges affecting the national economy. The major market indicators, including MICEX and MICEX PWR indices, varied at +26.1% and +18,4%, respectively, in the reporting period. A growth of the Company's stock quotes amounted to 7.9%.